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TCMS is your Canadian Provider of Reliable, Portable Communications equipment.  Information on the LMS Towers are below. TCMS Portable Towers also is your provider for Cell Boosters & Kits for both commercial or residential applications.

Cellular on Wheels 'COW'  - Unguyed 106' LMS Tower
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Our U.S. manufactured, “patented” Cellular on Wheels. Certified by Landa US and Canadian manufacturing program.  Rapid deployment solution provides a platform for temporary or extended cell phone, wireless, or surveillance service for:

  • Special events: professional sports, concerts, festivals, fairs, rallies, remote locations, new construction, etc.
  • Disaster Recovery: hurricane, earthquake, tornado, tsunami, etc.
A mobile tower on a wheeled platform, that can be moved to virtually any location via vehicle or by helicopter. Standard configurations below in photo, and we can also provide customized solutions to almost any specification.


Carriers Supported

Towers are vendor agnostic and can work with any carrier’s technology, including 2G, 3G, 4G, CDMA, GSM, LTE, Wi Max, Wi Fi, Surveillance, NW, RF, etc.



  • Lattice type telescopic tower
  • Galvanized steel
  • 106’ standard model
  • Other sizes available include 45’,60’,85’, 120’ and 150’ or custom
  • Includes complete guy wire kit
  • 36” base spread
  • Patented DELRIN guide blocks
  • Lift points for fork lift and
  • helicopter fly in placement
Tower Assembly

LMS tower utilizes 2 3/8” OD schedule 40 steel pipe for its 36” base spread, the largest in the industry This creates a much stronger overall tower giving it the ability to hold much larger payloads at the top. Tower has been tested with 900 pounds overall payload. Winch system uses a 3/8” stranded galvanized cable as the primary lifting cable and a ¼” secondary lifting cable for security.

Tower Base Assembly:

LMS has designed a fully functional one piece integrated tower base that is constructed with 4”x 4”‐ 1/4” square tubing. The strength of this base insures the stability of the tower while tilting with heavy loads and stability in high winds when fully extended. The extreme size of the base steel materials keeps the tower from twisting while supporting heavy head loads. Our 9,000lb tilt winch will tilt tower upright with ease, we just overbuild our units for reliability.



Tower specific heavy duty steel trailer configuration with customization possible.

  • Diamond plate working trailer deck with integrated tower base
  • Dimensions: 18' long by 8' 2" wide; total length 22'
  • 5 Point leveling jack system
  • 4 Crane type stabilizer legs with jacks
  • Dual axles, suspension & tires with 7 ton capacity
  • Electric trailer brakes on each axle
  • Four outriggers with easy view levels and guying system
  • Hidden under deck full‐sized spare tire
  • Locking utility / storage box
  • 2 5/16" Ball hitch, safety chains, break away kit, 7pin RV trailer plug
  • Twin Gear Reduction allowing the tower to lift 700 lbs. more than any of the other towers built in the USA
  • Latent weight of unit is 9,800 lbs. Easy tow with standard 3500 series truck.and no class three drivers license req.
  • Meets all US D.O.T. & Canadian standard requirements.
Canadian Vin Number and MSO. Manufactured special for Canada.

Latent weight is 9800 lbs so no need for Class 3 license.

LMS trailer is custom designed to be an integrated part of the entire tower system. The main rails under the trailer deck, 8” Ibeam, connect directly to the tower base, giving the entire unit more stability when being used un‐guyed. The outrigger system is designed to provide even stability on all 4 corners of the trailer to keep the tower very still in high winds. The trailer deck is a full 18’ long with equipment mounting spaces on the rear and a very large 9’x 8’ forward deck for large equipment cabinets, generators, toolbox, and fuel storage. Bumper pull trailer is standard with a 2 5/16” ball hitch.


Motor Drive Units

LMS main drive motor is a 1hp wash-down quality unit with direct drive worm gear output with 2 reduction gear boxes for a final reduction of 900 to 1.

The system is designed to be operated by hand with a cordless drill, if necessary, in case of a power or motor failure, or theft.

This unit is also designed to withstand the most severe environmental conditions during operation without failure. The redundant winch system uses 3 cables per section to raise and lower the tower so if you have a failure on one cable, there are 2 to support and operate the tower .


  • Low profile CT 106 model is C130, helicopter transportable and container ready.
  • Custom cabinets for radio equipment, batteries, etc.
  • Generators available.
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